Sexual Apocalypse

by Charles Edward Fambro

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“SEXUAL APOCALYPSE.” (November 2008). Sounds weird. Some people thought it meant the end of sex. No. It refers to the culmination in some strange, opaque and non-local way, of the abuse of sexual energy. It was an idea that hit me one night as I listened to the radio and heard story after story about the crumbling economy, corruption in business and government, violence, and increasing militarization everywhere. The tone was barely subdued panic, and it was clear that plutonian change was imminent and unavoidable.

Something seemed off though; as if the real cause was unidentified. How could illogic run so rampant that we are at the brink of total systemic meltdown?

My epiphany was that this total worldwide crisis was a result of the abuse of sexual energy, both consciously and unconsciously. I am unable to really put it into words and give a clear explanation of this realization. Only a James Baldwin or Leslie Marmon Silko, or perhaps Kathy Acker, among the writers I know, could really explicate the psycho-sexual connections and subterranean motivations to which I refer. What I tried to do was capture this epiphany with SOUND.

Sexual slavery, child prostitution, human trafficking, child abuse in high and low places, sex in ads and propaganda, sexual aggression, torture and state sanctioned rape, and a seeming war on fecundity and the earth through chemicals and toxins, militarism and a recoiling from the social contract. Like a sinewy wraith these aberrant endeavors seem to entwine themselves in all of our institutions and communications.

For years I have been an avid reader of conspiracy literature. Within this body of literature one frequently finds, in both the corridors of power and the muddiest backwashes of true crime, roads that lead to and from sexual and child abuse, pornography, sexual slavery and human trafficking, and the whole panoply which is the obverse of Madison Avenue and Hollywood sexual enticement. Quite often these activities are bureaucratized in secret cabals and systems of communications. These associations often influence policies and decisions on institutional and hence societal levels.

The sound collage that is "SEXUAL APOCALYPSE" attempts to incorporate these feelings and much more. It is also sensuality, ancient fertility and marriage rites, sex as joy and healing and prosperity and humor and abundance. Sparkling gongs, diverse frequencies, rhythms, voices, breath, unreconstructed House music, rips, tears, chains, skin on skin, the solar wind, Zulu bird-calls, electro-magnetic storms and alpha brainwaves...

It is an intriguing soundscape of the heavy and light vibrations which are the roller coaster ride of this changing moment.

I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about the battle against human trafficking and modern-day slavery to visit the Polaris Project at:


released February 11, 2011

Conceived, produced and performed by Charles Edward Fambro. First release November 2008. Remastered March 2011.



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